Basset Hound Personality – Understanding The Positive And Negative

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From the desk of Sharda Baker.

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Basset Hounds are indeed lovable, I’m sure many of us will agree. But it’s also a fact that they also have their own flaws.

And though they are of the same breed and family, they are unique from each other.

So let’s get to know the Basset Hound Personality and its different traits , shall we?


You can safely go in for a Basset Hound as it can easily adapt to life in either a house or apartment.

Once he’s in your house, he’s sure to take it easy. Perhaps that’s why, though he’s a hunting dog, he’s been given the tag of “an armchair athlete.”
He may like the outdoors, but give him a comfortable spot in your home, and he’ll loll there all day.

To prevent this, it’s a good idea to see that your Basset Dog gets a daily dose of exercise or, just like us; he too will put on weight.
To burn his excessive calories, he’s going to need a lot of activity but this does not include aerobic exercises as this could strain and hurt his legs.

Walking is a better idea and one that will go down well with your pet as this breed loves to go for long walks.

But remember to walk him on a leash as otherwise he will wander off after a scent he’s picked up.

For this reason, it’s better to take in a Basset Hound if you live in a house with a fenced off yard and a dog door. If you leave him here for a bit, he will be on his own for a romp in the yard and yet not get carried away by a scent.

But if you don’t have a yard, your pet won’t mind as long as you take him out on runs, play ball and give him frequent chances outdoors to exercise his sharp nose and little legs.


You might have a problem house training your Basset Hound as this isn’t a breed of fast learners.

This doesn’t mean he’s dumb; on the contrary he’s very intelligent. It’s just that he is stubborn and very opinionated and feels that he doesn’t need any advice or direction from you.

If he’s bored, you’ll have to be careful. Unlike other dogs, he won’t be destructive out of boredom, but he will tend to be inquisitive about the trashcan or sprinkler outside and feel he has to know all there is to these things.

For this reason, you need to be firm with him when you bring him home and quickly get him started on obedience training.

He’s strong headed so you will have to be patient till he learns to obey you. To encourage him, give him the occasional treat.

This is certainly a better idea since rough punishments will only make him more defiant and won’t work.

He will take his own time to get accustomed to your rules. But once he is trained, he will be surprisingly obedient and alert watchdog, and most of all you will have created a bond with a sweet, loyal friend for life.


Don’t get fooled by his short coat. Your Basset Hound will shed hair and a lot of it, so brush him regularly with a currycomb or hound’s glove.
This, in the long run, will help retard the rate of shedding.


Is obedient because a Basset Dog might not take orders.
Would be a good guard dog.
Is rather slow at housetraining efforts.
Will jog along with you.
Is trim and lean.
Doesn’t shed and slobber.
Doesn’t need a leash when taken on walks.
Listens to your calls and comes right back.
Smells good. A Basset Hound has a very strong hound odor.
Has a soft bark. In fact, your Basset Hound has a loud bark and louder howl!
Isn’t gassy. This breed usually has a problem of flatulence.

That’s it for today, hope you learned something.

I’ll be back for more information about Basset Hounds.

Until then!

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