The Causes Of Dog Constipation And Easy Ways To Prevent It

dog dangersIt is not uncommon for every canine to have short bouts of dog constipation during its life. Mostly this goes unnoticed by owners as the constipation does not adversely affect the dog’s health, causes no visible affects, and the dog’s body normally sorts the problem out without the need of intervention.

It is normal for a dog to have successful bowel movements between one and three times a day depending on the dog’s diet, breed and own personality. It is also nothing to worry about should your dog not go for one to two days.

However, once an owner starts to notice the dog constipation it is safe to say the dog has already been affected by it for a few days. This is when immediate action should be taken to limit the duration of the problem and get the dog back to full health as quickly as possible.

Dog constipation is caused by a variety of things:

• Lack of water will dry out the feces in the colon and cause them to become hard and difficult to pass.
• Older dogs and those who are unable to exercise regularly are particularly vulnerable.
• Dogs of any age going through housetraining learn to override the urge to defecate. If a dog is left for a long period of time frequently, then this may become an ingrained habit.
• Many drugs can cause dog constipation and your Vet should be able to advise you on the best course of action if this is the case.
• Stress is another problem and one that also causes this problem in humans. Being boarded, away from home, on a trip, or coming home after a stay at the vets can all be causes.
• Puppies or dogs that enjoy eating foreign objects are at higher risk as large pieces can obstruct the large or small intestin.
• Cheap dog food

To cure a bout of constipation ensure the dog has access to plenty of clean, fresh water at all times, exercise as regularly and thoroughly as possible, ensure the dog is not left for long periods, give plenty of opportunity to relive himself or arrange a dog sitter to come throughout the day to let the dog out. Talk to a vet if you think prescribed drugs may be the cause, and limit stress and give mild laxatives during times of unavoidable worry for the dog.

For dogs that constipate themselves by eating foreign objects talking to a vet or behaviorist may help.

If none of the above seem to apply to a dog then it’s time to look at the dog food they are being fed.

Cheap brands will never offer the level of nutrients, vitamins, essential oils and minerals that a dog needs. High quality brands are more expensive, but they offer peace of mind that the dog’s immune system is being upheld by the best food possible. This will help avoid dog constipation and cut down on vet bills in the future.

High quality dog food can also be fed in smaller portions, as it is rich and much more filling.

To buy dog food that is going to be great for a dog it is essential to do research so that good and bad ingredients can be spotted quickly. Corn, wheat, grains, ash, by products… The list goes on of ingredients that are no good for a dog. These ingredients affect their skin, teeth, fur and digestive system and can definitely be the cause of dog constipation. The presence of highly processed grains and cereal in dog food can trigger constipation, as they are hard to digest. A by-product of cooking dog food at hot temperatures is ash and as well as impacting badly on a dog’s digestive system it is also linked to other canine problems.

If a dog is being fed a high quality dog food brand but is still having constipation issues then mixing a little wet dog food of the same make in with the dry can soften the stools and help them eliminate.
A high-end dog food will not only aid a dog’s health but for those with special requirements, such as an overweight dog, the owner can be safe in the knowledge that their dog is being fed the best low fat dog food there is. These brands also offer food designed especially for dogs with digestive problems, that are prone to constipation. They also cater for other needs such as vegetarianism offering excellent, human grade, vegetarian dog food.

For anyone looking to change their food brand, then researching dog food online will really help. Reading reviews and looking at consumer watchdog reports will also help ensure that the dog is being fed the very best.

For more information about Dog Food Dangers and Dog Health, check out the highly recommended The Complete Guide To Your Dog’s Nutrition today!

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