How To Know Which Different Types of Dog Food Are Best For Your Dog

dog foodChoosing the right food for your pet from all the different types of dog food available is difficult, but before you can decide on what is going into their bowl every day you have to choose what diet you want your pet to have.

A lot of pet owners believe that feeding a pet is as simple as picking a food from the supermarket shelf and following the feeding guidelines. Unfortunately, as much as the huge pet food companies would like you to believe that this is all it takes to keep your pet in tip top condition, the truth is sadly much more complex.

A dog requires a very strict set of nutrients that it needs to keep its immune system functioning, its energy up, and its soul happy. To do this there are lots of different types of dog food you can feed you dog. Diets include dry dog food, wet dog food, vegetarian, raw food and homemade.

The simplest of the lot will definitely be the first two, dry and wet food diets, because as soon as you have chosen a food that meets your dog’s needs you can keep buying it until you want, or have to, change. The ratio of dog food ingredients will be correct and you won’t have to give your dog supplements. Wet and dry diets are convenient and simple. Taking your dog on holiday is as simple as packing a bag/pouch/can and requires very little forethought.

On the other hand some people feel uncomfortable feeding their dog the same thing day in and day out. Some people sympathize with the sameness of it and feel that should they be forced to eat the same thing every day they would soon go crazy. Dogs on a dry or wet food diet don’t actually get bored, and as long as they are getting high quality ingredients and the essential vitamins and minerals then there is nothing wrong with feeding your dog the same or different types of dog food from packets.
Time is another issue when it comes to giving your dog a homemade diet as people who work or have hectic schedules are far less likely to have time to cook and prepare their dog’s meal along with their children’s and spouse’s.

For those who are adamant that the homemade diet is the way to go, then a lot of research is required to ensure the correct balance of fats, proteins, oils and vitamins and minerals. Many different types of dog food recipes are available for homemade diets. Thus a vet should definitely be consulted to ask about the correct ratio, as every dog is very different. Based on their activity levels things such as proteins and fats increase and decrease hugely. It is easy to overdose your pet with vitamins and minerals and that can lead to health problems so be certain to talk to a professional, before giving anything to your dog.

The attractiveness of going the home cooked way is that you are in complete control of what your dog is being fed. The controversy over the presence of carbohydrates in dog food, and the sneaky way companies will try to hide the true amount of this cheap filler, is enough to put anyone off using the giant manufacturers.

The best dog food brands will, of course, be a lot more open about their ingredients but sometimes the price is too high or the availability too low for some people to seriously consider these brands as an option.

Some dogs might have dog food allergies and therefore by knowing about the different types of dog food, and their affects, cooking at home becomes a much easier option.

A vegetarian option is also something people consider, and going online to compare dog food is a good option here. Since dogs are not natural herbivores, choosing the highest quality and most fulfilling food possible is a must. There are also a lot of veggie dog dedicated websites out there to offer help and advice for anyone thinking of choosing this diet for their dog.

The raw food diet divides dog owners quite sharply. Some believe that feeding meat raw, as the dogs would have eaten it in the wild, is the way to go. Others say that dogs no longer live in the wild and therefore this is an unsuitable way to feed your dog. The threat of food poisoning with raw food diets is often enough to put people off entirely even without further research, and no matter what you read, this is a legitimate danger that requires careful research to minimize the risk.

Some dogs will take well to different diets. Fussy eaters may turn their noses up at the most expensive dog food but gobble down a raw slice of beef. Only you, as the owner, will be able to tell what suits your dog. Just be sure to research your chosen path very thoroughly and have a good understanding of the different types of dog food available, because even your run of the mill dry food varies hugely from the cheap brands to the high-end ones.

If in any doubt of what dry food to feed your dog always look up dog food ratings and talk to other owners on forums and ask for recommendations. Phone up the companies and ask for dog food samples to try before you buy. A company that truly wants your custom will be happy to help.

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