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dog groomingDog Grooming – Important Things to Know

Proper Dog Grooming – it is a necessity.
Dog owners benefit from ensuring their pets look and feel their best. For one, clean and nice-looking pets somehow reflect their owners’ priorities and personality. Secondly, aren’t clean pets a joy to behold and hold? Third, clean pets pose minimal health risks.

Dog Grooming Tools

You will need:

• Brushes and Combs
Choose from the following types: bristles, wire pin, slicker, rakes and mat breakers, shedding and flea combs. For longer hairs, use either bristles or wire pines; rakes and mat breakers for hair tangles; shedding combs for severe shedding or for breeds that are double-coated and flea combs for searching and removal of fleas.

• Nail Trimmers
Have each of the following types: claw style, guillotine and. scissor-like. The scissor-like type should be used for small dogs. Also, buy styptic powder for accidental bleeding. Filing tools may be used for slow grinding of the nails.

• Shampoos
Types: tear-free, oatmeal, natural, medicated and conditioners. For mild itching and skin irritation, use the oatmeal type. Medicated shampoos are the ones prescribed by the vet for treating severe skin problems. If there is no skin problem and you think you can prevent the shampoo from having contact with the dog’s eyes, use the natural type. Ear medications may be prescribed by a vet for dogs with ear conditions such as infections or ear mites.

Dog Grooming Tips

• Brushing Hair
The purpose of hair brushing is to eliminate matting and to distribute hair oil evenly. For dogs with long hair, daily brushing is required, and once a week for medium length hair. Short-haired dogs do not need frequent brushing.

• Nail Trimming
This is something you cannot easily handle especially when you can’t see the flesh inside. Besides, dogs don’t like their paws to be handled. Go to a pet grooming shop if you’re not really sure.

• Bathing
You’ll be lucky if you’ve got a dog that seems to have fun bathing. Most dogs hate bathing time. They move away from the water but love being lathered with soap. And they don’t seem to outgrow this fear.

Nonetheless, take note that you do not accidentally put water into the dog’s ears. Dogs are overprotective of that part when bathing. Also, a drying towel should always be ready. And also don’t forget to praise after bathing.

Dog Grooming as a Business

Most dog grooming shop owners love dogs and of course, have an entrepreneurial spirit. Know the steps and tips to starting up your own business after determining that this is what you really would like to do.

• Take a special course for this. It will take about 300 hours of classroom lectures, research and actual demonstrations. Look for a special school devoted to this.
• It is advisable not to work from your home. Open a shop nearby, where you can find many pets around. Or, rent a small unit at a grooming salon. Remember to start small.

• Make sure your place is ready to welcome dogs before opening your shop. Eliminate noise and other sorts of distraction. The entire area should be well-lit and safe for the customers and their dogs.

• Advertise vigorously so you’ll catch much attention. Learning effective advertising techniques for your business is very important to its success.

• Keep your prices low initially. As your business grows, you will learn when to demand higher payments from your patrons, for specific grooming styles.

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