The Importance Of Cleaning Dogs’ Ears During Grooming

dog groomingHome dog grooming, for short-haired dogs particularly, is a good option and saves money as well. It is handy to have a good dog brush, comb, pair of hemostats and some proper dog grooming clippers. A supply of cotton wool is also needed to ensure the task of cleaning dogs’ ears is done thoroughly.

It is very easy to forget, but thoroughly cleaning dogs’ ears is actually a vital part of the grooming routine. All dogs are at risk of developing ear infections but those with ears that stand up are most at risk of getting seeds and grass in them. Dogs such as spaniels that have long droopy ears are also most at risk due to the heat and moisture generated by the fur.

The task of cleaning dogs’ ears is simple to do at home, but if you are unsure a professional will gladly do it for you.

You will need a pair of hemostats, cotton wool and some ear cleaning solution that you can buy or make up yourself with vinegar and water.

Pour a little solution into the ear canal and massage the base of the ear. The dog will want to shake its head, let it, as it will break up any debris. Then, holding the cotton wool tightly in two hemostats, lift the ear and gently clean the inside.

Getting your dog used to this, as a puppy will save a lot of stress and hassle later on. Make sure you make grooming time fun and include treats, games and a lovely belly rub for your pet.

If the ear canal is not properly cleaned, your dog is at greater risk of ear complaints, infections and in extreme cases deafness. Therefore, the importance of cleaning dogs’ ears should not be forgotten but become part of your weekly, or bi-weekly routine.

The importance of grooming a long-haired dog is obvious but even short-coated terriers will need a good brush and wash every now and then.

Shorts coats don’t get matted but they do get dirty with mud, pond water, pollen and bugs so it is a good idea to give every dog a nice grooming session on a regular basis.

For the longer haired canines professional dog grooming may be the only way for you to ensure your pet gets proper treatment, especially for those that need to be clipped in the summer. There are parlors where you can have your dog pampered; the dog grooming prices will vary depending on the package you choose. Or you can use a mobile dog wash for your convenience; they are cheaper than the parlors but do just a good a job.

Dog grooming, including cleaning dogs’ ears, is important to avoid skin complaints, minimize allergies and provide an excellent chance to have a regular look at your dog’s body, spot any sign of ticks, and feel for unusual lumps or bumps.

Getting dogs used to being groomed is not hard, as they all love to be fussed and petted. When your dog is molting they love getting rid of the excess fur and will happily allow you to brush them. Detangling their coats is where they may play up and where the professionals come in handy.

It is not hard to groom dogs but don’t forget that it is all just fun and games. When doing your grooming routine never forget to check their paws for thorns or abscesses, and always remember to clean out their ears.

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