Useful Tips On How To Groom A Dog

dog groomingIf you have decided to take on a dog with specific grooming requirements you need to learn the techniques of how to groom a dog, as you have committed yourself to providing the best care for a dog that has particular needs. Longhaired dogs will take up extra time in the care department but that doesn’t mean that dog grooming has to be a chore for you or your pet.

To avoid bad associations while learning to groom a dog, get your dog used to being handled and touched as early as possible. Puppy grooming will be easy and fun and allow the dog to grow up seeing grooming as another form of play.

Dogs with short coats do not necessarily mean they are low maintenance. Poodle grooming, for instance, will need to be done just as regularly as a Saluki’s, despite the differences in appearance. A poodle has a short curly coat whilst a Saluki has a long flowing one, so different but both require the same care and attention. Detangling, pulling out dead fur and regular washing and brushing are things you can either pay someone to do or learn to do yourself. The DIY version will save money, while taking them to a dog parlor will save time. At the end of the day it is totally up to you.

If you decide to try to groom a dog using the DIY approach you will want to invest in some proper dog grooming equipment. You will need pet clippers, hemostats, brushes, and combs suitable for the type of coat and some dog friendly shampoo and conditioner.

The biggest problem that dog owners face when trying to groom a dog is mats and tangles in the fur. This is not uncomfortable for the dog to begin with but is unsightly and can end up being a big problem, one that is best to tackle as early as possible.

Dog baths can be loved and hated in equal amounts depending on the breed. Yorkie grooming, for example, can be made very difficult by having a dog that hates the water and refuses to go in the bath. Making up some fun dog grooming games can ease this as can introducing your dog to water as soon as possible. Even if they never enjoy it they should at least sit still for you.

When attempting to groom a dog, the best way to avoid tangles and mats in the fur is to wash the coat with special detangling shampoo for dogs. The prices will vary just as much as human shampoo and the choices of flavors and smells are just as broad.

Take doggy wipes when you go out to wipe off the worst of the mud before you get home, giving it no time to congeal and go hard. Dog’s will always be dogs and there will never be a way to stop that. All we can do it use preventive measures as much as possible!

Consistent brushing and combing, particularly in molting season, will help keep the tangles at bay as will trimming and clipping. Clipping is also very important for thick furred dogs in the hot weather.

The very best technique to groom a dog easily, is to keep up a comprehensive grooming routine to suit your pet. Ensure you can set aside the time, or afford to pay someone else to do it, before bringing home a dog that needs a lot of care. Skin problems, ulcers and infections can all arise from not keeping a dog properly groomed and if you are uncertain whether you are able to do it opt for a short haired dog that will only need the minimal amount of upkeep.

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