How To Brush Dog Coat

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Before addressing how to brush  dog coat  and sorting out the problem of matting, it is necessary to figure out exactly how often you should brush your dog and when you should do so.

It should be a part of your dog grooming and should have always the right dog grooming tool which is the brush for dogs.

There are so many rumors and myths around grooming practices that it really does get confusing from time to time about what you are supposed to be doing with your dog and this especially applies to brushing.

Some say that you should only brush your dog once a week or so but in actual fact you can brush them as often as you like. Brushing does not strip anything from the skin at all.

In fact, it helps it to evenly redistribute the natural oils produced to keep your dog’s coat in top condition. Regular brushing also prevents tangles and matting, removing dirt and making the rest of the grooming process a whole lot easier. Furthermore, it can help to boost your dog’s blood circulation and that can only be a good thing.

There are so many benefits of brushing your dog that it is hard to keep up with all of them but it is easy to figure out how often you should brush your dog with a little help. For example, a dog that is used to grooming and has a smooth coat may only need brushing once a week.

However, a long coated dog that is prone to tangles should be brushed at least once every other day. Again, it is all dependent on the coat type in terms of the minimum brushing requirements but if you want to brush more often then that is completely your decision.

When you are trying to get your dog used to brushing then it should be a part of a daily routine. It is first necessary to introduce your dog to the brush by showing it and then rewarding your dog for not attacking it. This should occur regularly over the course of a couple of days.

After that, you should brush your dog daily, especially if you have a puppy. The sooner your dog gets used to it and accepts it as an essential part of the daily routine, the sooner he or she will begin to like it and see it as time spent petting and fussing with you.

It has to be a positive experience but you must be firm with your dog because the longer brushing is left alone, the more likely it is to hurt and come across as a negative experience.

There are some general brushing recommendations when your dog is used to brushing every day and they are as follows:

Short haired dogs – Once a week
Thick or coarse coated dogs – Two to three times a week
Long coated dogs – Once a day or every other day
Shedding dogs – Daily to remove loose hair and minimize shedding

There is one incidence in which you should break the above guidelines and brush more than once a day. You should be sure to brush your dog both before and after having a bath. There are many reasons for that but the main one is to save your dog unnecessary pain.

If you remove tangles before the bath then your fingers will not pull them during the bath. Brushing after will remove any that occurred during bathing and improve the condition of the coat.

I hope you learned a lot from today’s dog grooming newsletter.

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