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Good day and welcome everyone!

This is Sharda with a wonderful newsletter about dog grooming.

Today’s let’s learn the proper way to brush dog!

Brushing your dog is not as difficult as many inexperienced owners think it is. It is all a matter of confidence.

Think about how you brush your own hair. You may wince when you hit a tangle but you know it has to be done.

The same applies when you are doing your children’s hair so why it is so different when grooming your pet?

Brushing will be perfectly done if you have the right dog grooming tools and one of those is the right brush.

Most people do not like the idea of hurting their dogs because there is no way to explain that you do not mean to hurt them but it is far worse if you leave it until a later date.

It must be done so you have to get used to it as much as your dog does.

You can choose to brush your dog on the floor or on a grooming table. Whatever feels more comfortable for you is fine, but if you would prefer a little more control the first couple of brushing sessions then you may want to put a collar and leash on your dog as well. The more relaxed the setting though, the better your dog will react to the situation.

Brushing your dog is actually really easy because there really is nothing to it at all. There are just two actions that you need to remember if your dog does not have matting that you need to deal with. Of course, this applies to dogs in general rather than specific breeds.

Firstly, start at the front end of your dog and move backwards, brushing the hair against the direction of growth. You should take one side of your dog and the work your way down the other afterwards so you can ensure that every single section of your dog’s hair is groomed thoroughly.

Separate the hair into rough sections and brush against the growth. This effectively removes all tangles from the underside of the hair.

Next, brush from the back end to the front section by section, brushing in the direction of growth. This smoothes all of the hair down and removes any lingering tangles from the topside of the coat.

As such, you should be left with a lovely shiny and health coat and your dog should be left with a good impression of brushing so that he or she eventually welcomes it.

I hope you learned a lot from today’s dog grooming newsletter.

I will be back for more!

Sharda Baker