Picking A Healthy Golden Retriever Among The Bunch

Picture taken from www.dogbreedinfo.com

Picture taken from www.dogbreedinfo.com

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There are several different things to look for when picking out either a puppy or full grown Golden Retriever.

It is always important to choose the healthiest possible dog, whether it is small or fully grown, and to avoid purchasing or obtaining an unhealthy dog.

Often, people buy a dog based solely on the emotional aspects of getting a new pet, and although this is very nice and noble, it can also result in hundreds of additional dollars in vet bills and ongoing treatments.

Healthy Golden Retriever Puppies

Basically, choosing a healthy Golden Retriever puppy will be no different than looking for a healthy puppy of any breed.

It is absolutely important to ensure that the breeder you are purchasing the puppy from is reputable, has a good, clean kennel, has healthy dogs, and has all his or her breeding stock checked for genetic and health conditions before breeding.

Healthy parent dogs and good living conditions for puppies are the best indicators of the overall health of the Golden Retriever puppy, both immediately and as it matures.

When going to the breeder, make a point of looking around at the kennel area and the facilities where the puppies and the dogs are kept.

The area should be clean and well ventilated without any foul, moldy or soiled smell. Remember that with puppies there may be some waste in the puppy area, but it should be minimal and obviously not old waste.

In addition, the area should be clean and well maintained, with fresh water available to the dogs and puppies.

The Golden Retriever puppies should be active and appear content. Remember that very young puppies will become distressed if moved away from the mother, and may whine and cry.

The breeder may not allow you to handle the puppies unless you have disinfected your hands, and may also require you to keep the puppies in a specific area. The breeder will also limit the amount of handling, based on the age of the puppy.

The eyes, ears and nose of the Golden Retriever puppy should be free from any type of discharge or bad odor. Puppies will have very sweet smelling breath, and should never have the appearance of having a “cold” such as coughs, sneezing or runny eyes.

These are all symptoms of possible respiratory conditions or health problems. The puppies should have soft coats, without any signs of skin lesions, irritations or infections.

The puppies should be alert and attentive to their surrounds, and neither overly aggressive or overly timid. Choosing a puppy with a good personality will help in ensuring a good match for your family.

Timid puppies are more likely to be timid or shy dogs, and aggressive puppies are typically more dominant dogs as they mature.

Choosing A Healthy Adult Golden Retriever

A healthy adult Golden Retriever will have a good personality, and will be obedient yet energetic and alert. They will respond to movement and sound, without appearing aggressive or timid.

The adult Golden Retriever should have a fully developed coat, with the characteristic shine and healthy hair associated with the breed. Often, a poor coat that may include excessive shedding, dry or dull coat, skin irritation or bald patches is a sign of fleas, skin problems or overall serious health conditions.

A full grown Golden Retriever should weigh between 60-80 pounds (27-36 kgs) for males and 55-70 pounds or 25-32 kgs for females. Dogs that are outside of this weight range may have serious health conditions.

In addition, dogs that are inactive, appear to have a limp or are lame, or dogs that are despondent or depressed in their general behaviour are not healthy animals.

As with puppies, the adult Golden Retriever should be free from any type of discharge from the eyes, ears, or nose. Check the mouth, and look at the condition of the teeth, excessive tartar, missing teeth or bad breath can all be signs of both dental problems as well as digestive disorders.

The dog’s eyes should be bright and clear, not cloudy or dull looking in appearance.

It is very important to purchase your puppy or adult Golden Retriever from a reputable breeder, if at all possible. Golden Retriever adult dogs may also be obtained from a rescue that will ensure they are healthy, vaccinated as well as spayed or neutered.

Always ask for the vaccination record and vet health records for the Golden Retriever that you are considering.

If there is not a health record available, always have the dog checked by a vet and vaccinated before bringing it home, especially if you have other pets in the house.

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