How To Deworm A Dog At Home – A Safe And Easy Guide.

dog healthWhether you’ve had dogs all your life, or you have just brought home your first one, how to deworm a dog is something you are bound to have to deal with at some point during your pet’s life.

Worms are picked up by dogs, puppies especially, when they have eaten something unsavoury usually bird carcasses, road kill and slugs and snails.

Many dog owners and breeders use vets to deworm a dog when the puppy is young due to its susceptibility to the parasites. Tapeworm can be caught through fleas, and after an infestation is it highly recommended to use a proper worming treatment, although not essential. However, if you suspect your dog or puppy has heartworm it is crucial to seek veterinary advice as nothing that is listed below will kill heartworm and medication is required to rid your dog of this kind of worm.

A commercial wormer used to deworm a dog is basically a poison that in the correct doses does nothing to harm your dog but kills any worms inside him. Sometimes evidence of worms will be in his stools, other times it won’t be noticeable. If you are uncertain take a fresh sample to your vets for examination.

If you suspect your dog has worms or merely want to take preventive measures to stop worms developing there are several treatments you can give him at home that are readily available and mostly inexpensive.

A strong immune system is essential to fighting off an infection of worms. Maintaining your dog’s health will go a long way in aiding his natural resistant to internal parasites. Pet insurance won’t cover you if you’re buying de-worming tablets to deworm a dog, although it should cover the costs if complications arise from an infection, and insurance for dogs is still very advisable.

To treat, or prevent, worms at home the following steps can be taken:

• Give your dog a garlic capsule or fresh cloves with his meals. Not only does this help to flush out worms but it keeps fleas at bay, thereby reducing the risk of him developing tapeworm
• Buy unsalted, raw pumpkin seeds, grind them in a blender or coffee grinder and sprinkle in a quarter of a teaspoon for toy and miniature dog, increasing to half a teaspoon for small to medium dogs, and whole teaspoon for the large breeds
• Dog grooming will also help with worms as it is a good way to de-flea a dog, again helping to avoid tapeworms
• Enzymes found in figs actually eat through the outer layers of a tapeworm. Finely chop the fig and mix it in with your pet’s dog food to deworm a dog with this parasite.
• Clove, fennel and wormwood will all aid in the removal and prevention of internal parasites.

If you are going on holiday, particularly to the countryside, ensure you take the right pet supplies with you. Your dog is much more likely to pick up ticks, worms or fleas if he is exploring the undergrowth – something he will definitely do in a new place. Taking some of the above ingredients, as well as dog products such as flea shampoo and doggy wet wipes is recommended. This is also a situation where bitter apple spray would come in handy. You can spray it on anything that your dog might want to eat but that could potentially carry worms, such as faeces from other animals and dogs.

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