Coprophagia. Why Your Dog Eats Its Own or Other Dog’s Feces.

dog healthThe act of Coprophagia in some species of animals is as normal as us eating a banana. It is done, especially by herbivores, to gain nutrients from the feces that may have been missed first time around. This includes eating their own, or others, waste.

Dogs do this, especially as puppies, to see what it tastes like, what it is, but mostly just out of curiosity. Scolding your dog or puppy for doing this can lead to them doing it more. Should you catch them at it don’t make a big deal out of it – you don’t want them to see it as a way to get your attention or to make them so nervous that they then see poo as a bad thing, and perhaps eat it more to ‘hide’ it from you.

Coprophagia in an adult dog can actually point to a problem with the dog’s health. It could be as simple as them being deficient in the vitamins B or K, but it also has the possibility of being something more serious. Always talk to your vet should you suspect that your dog’s health might be at risk.

Insurance For Dogs
It is also really important that you get pet insurance for your dog when you first take him home. Although Coprophagia does not cause illness in dogs, provided he is eating his own feces, if he eats some belonging to other dogs or animals he runs the risk of picking up infections and parasites. Dog Insurance will protect you should he swallow something that is actually dangerous and save you a mountain of avoidable vet’s fees.

Dog Health With Regards to Dog Food
Should your dog NOT be eating the feces because of boredom, curiosity, or nerves it could be possible that the dog food you are feeding him is not satisfying his nutritional needs, and causing his Coprophagia.

Is it a cheap brand of food? Is it packed full of colours and additives? Is the meat content low and way down the list of ingredients? If so it could be that you are effectively ‘starving’ your dog despite the possibly generous proportions you might be giving him.

Dogs rely on us to give them the best of everything; especially food and we need to make sure that we are providing them with one that is packed full of meat, protein, fibre and vitamins.

Stress and Boredom
Another aspect of your dog’s life that could be contributing to their Coprophagia is stress and boredom. Is your dog getting the mental and physical stimulation it needs? Or is he left to his own devices most of the day? Is poo something he has come to see as a play thing or toy?

Getting the right pet supplies for you dog is essential. A bored dog is an unhappy and destructive dog. Does he have enough toys? If you need to leave him for a few hours, Kong make excellent dog products. Invest in one and stuff it full of tasty food and treats – it will keep him entertained for hours (ensure there is always fresh drinking water available as the food will make your dog very thirsty)!

Make sure you keep your yard clean of feces. Keep your dog away from the area when you clear up, as you don’t want him to see you handling the poo. Less mess is less hassle for you and a better environment for your beloved companion.

For more information about Dog Food Dangers and Dog Health, check out the highly recommended The Complete Guide To Your Dog’s Nutrition today!

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