Importance Of Reading Product Labels To Protect Your Dog’s Health

dog healthLining the shelves of the supermarkets, and even your local vet surgery, are lots of different brands of dog food. It is something readily available and a huge percentage of dog owners pick up their canine’s food when doing their weekly shop, without thinking about reading product labels. Maybe they stick to the same brand, or they might get whatever is on offer at the time.

What a shocking number of people don’t know is that, although they are feeding their dog regularly, and he wolfs his dinner down every night, they could theoretically be starving their loyal companion.

Dogs rely on us. They need us for protection, feeding, water and comfort – we are their pack after all. In return they provide us with unconditional love, a soppy face that melts our hearts and the listening ability that puts our best friends to shame.

Although being a dog owner is hugely rewarding the responsibility that falls on us to do the best by our dogs is heavy. Our dogs will love us no matter what, but when something is wrong remember that they can’t communicate to us what the problem is.

This is why reading product labels is crucial to ensure we get the very best food not only for our dog’s wellbeing, but ours as well. No dog owner wants to give up their dog to the local shelter because of excessive health problems brought on by a low quality diet.

The first step to getting the right food is to understand, as fully as possible, the pros and cons about certain ingredients in the food. Read comprehensive and unbiased guides and don’t be fooled by your vet’s recommendation; they may be paid to advertise a certain brand without it being anywhere near the high quality you are looking for – reading product labels of any brand of food before giving it to your dog is essential. Vets for pets are here to help but don’t take their word as gospel, look around and do some research. The same goes for pet shops.

If we don’t buy the best dog food we can for our pets, by carefully reading product labels, then we could put them at serious risk, not just from illness but from desperation. If our dogs are getting none of their essential daily nutrients they will go looking for them elsewhere in possibly unsavory places. Does your dog eat its own or other animal’s poo? This is a possible, but not the exclusive, cause.

Dog ailments arising from a poor diet include excessive hunger, sickness, diarrhea, worms and other internal parasites, a weakened immune system and general lethargy.

Healthy Dog Food – Mid-Range
It is not essential to get the most expensive dog food available. Not everyone can afford the best of the best even if they would like to. However a decent mid-range food is so much better than a bag or can of basic food with low grade ingredients. Reading product labels will help identify the good from the bad.

If you want to be sure your dog is getting the best, search for human grade dog food. It is legal for manufacturers to use meat remnants that are inedible for humans. This is deemed as ok by regulators to give our dog on a day-to-day basis. However it can be quite harmful for the dog, and the only way to recognize these ingredients is by reading product labels.

If you decide on a mid-range food it may not contain everything you want your dog to have. If this is the case supplements for dogs are available as well as dog vitamins. These can top up anything your dog may be deficient in or you think he may need more of e.g. fish oils for joint health and a beautifully shiny and soft coat – all of which help to maintain good overall dog health.

For more information about Dog Food Dangers and Dog Health, check out the highly recommended The Complete Guide To Your Dog’s Nutrition today!

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