Some Causes Of Dog Kidney Problems That Dog Owners Need To Know

dog healthThe health of our beloved companions is paramount to all responsible dog owners and it would be soul destroying if we realized that something that we were feeding them could cause dog kidney problems and actually be doing more harm than good.

This is what owners in America found after feeding their pets chicken jerky treats made by the manufacturer Purina. At least three lawsuits were filed after the Chinese company’s treats caused dogs and cats to fall ill with kidney failure.

Dog kidney problems should be a major cause of concern for all dog owners. Although Kidney failure is treatable with certain medication, it is incurable and will ultimately end in death.

The Importance Of Reading The Label On Your Favorite Dog Products
Just because every major retailer stocks a particular brand of food, it does not mean the food itself is safe and non-toxic. The same goes for treats, and even some chew toys can contain harmful chemicals, which can lead to dog kidney problems.

It is essential that as a pet owner you read up about the pros and cons of your chosen food. Check out dog food reviews online to see what other people are saying and if you have a comment then leave it for others to read.

Some products have been reported to contain cardboard, ingredients found in paint stripper, and other potentially dangerous substances. Educate yourself about ingredients and don’t be fooled by impressive packaging – remember it’s what’s on the inside that counts! Just because the blurb talks about traditional values does not mean that is what the actual company adheres to. It can all be a clever marketing trick.

How To Know If Kidney Problems Are Causing Your Dog To React Badly
If you believe your dog has had a bad reaction to something it has eaten take him down the vets as soon as possible. Dog kidney problems and kidney disease are more treatable the earlier on you catch them. Symptoms include dog sickness, diarrhea, excessive drinking and the passing of urine that is disproportionate to the amount being drunk. A late stage of renal failure is the dog’s body retaining a lot of the water it takes in. This shows that the dog has entered the final stage of the disease.

Dogs that are crate trained may begin wetting their area and it is important not to scold your dog – he can’t help it. It may be advisable to stop using your dog crates if he is wetting his bed. You don’t want him sleeping in his urine.

Dog Health and How To Be Prepared
The very best thing for you and your pet is to look into getting dog insurance as soon as you take him home. Long-term illnesses such as kidney failure are not uncommon in older dogs without any outside influences. Dog insurance will help you manage the cost side of the treatment and allow you to focus on caring for your devoted companion, instead of worrying about health issues such as dog kidney problems.

Although high protein is not advisable for dogs with renal failure no signs point to it harming a healthy dog. Vitamins for dogs can be bought from your vet and they can advise you on the best ones for your particular dog breed.

Remember that no matter what the packaging says on the outside always do your homework because unscrupulous manufacturers will try to sell a potentially vitamin-empty product for a lot of money with no thought for you or your dog’s health.

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