The Best Dog Training for Your Golden Retriever

golden retrieverGolden Retrievers are just about the most lovable and adorable dogs available, but they still need the best dog training you can provide. They are affectionate, intelligent and attentive pets that truly seek to please their masters without any strong-willed intentions like other breeds. However, like other large breeds, they have boundless energy.

The retriever strain in their genetics means they’re born to be active. This energy needs to be channeled positively into affection, exercise, and the best dog training you can give them. This will keep your Golden Retriever mentally and physically engaged. By training your pet early and regularly, you can help raise a healthy, well-balanced pet that will complement your household and stay out of danger.

Ideally, a Golden Retriever will receive obedience training from when they are puppies. However, it’s never too late to start training. Regardless of your pet’s age, daily training will help reinforce the behavior that you want to promote. This is the best dog training you can give and the activity will establish a routine for your pet to learn and fall into.

Active dogs like Golden Retrievers thrive on this routine and it will help them learn desirable behavior like not jumping on the couch, eating at regular times, and when humans get up in the morning to let it outside.

Before selecting a professional dog trainer or dog behaviorist, consult with your veterinarian, breeder, local ASPCA or humane society, to ensure you obtain the best dog training for your pet. All of these resources should have knowledge of reputable trainers in your area.

Once you have a single or a few training options, contact these individuals to learn a little bit more about them. Often they’ll let you sit in on a course before you commit to signing up. And sometimes your local humane society or ASPCA will offer free dog training courses. These organizations have an animal’s best interest at heart and want to make sure your pet has the tools to be a part of your household for its entire life.

Some breeders even train Golden Retrievers before the pets go to their final homes. Perhaps your breeders will teach your pet basic commands and manners before even getting into your car.

Negative behavior stems from dogs with a lack of discipline, companionship, exercise or activity overall. Active dogs like a Golden Retriever need a healthy amount of all of these in order to manage their energy and attention. As a starting point beyond house training, your pet should learn, sit, stay, down, heel and come. These skills are not only beneficial to manage negative behavior but it can help keep your pet safe during dangerous situations.

Before you sign up for a training class with a professional, you can use the following general tips for best dog training to teach your new or old dog new tricks:

– Use positive reinforcements: dogs respond to praise better than scolding
– Balance training with regular affection, exercise and attention to keep a pet interested
– When negative behavior happens, respond immediately with verbal reprimands and reward positive behavior with food and praise
– No training program should use abuse or force so keep that in mind when selecting a course and proceeding with training

While taking on the task of training your pet can be daunting, think of it as an opportunity to bond with your Golden Retriever. By providing the best dog training possible, you will be teaching your dog valuable skills to help keep them engaged and safe in times of danger. Furthermore, your dog will not see the activity as a chore but as time spent with you, praising it when it does good things.

Training your Golden may be difficult at first with all of the energy they have bursting at the seams, but they want to be purposeful and active at the end of the day. With repetition and consistency, your pet will pick up the training routine quickly due to their innate intelligence and desire to please their master.

golden retriever

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