Papillon Characteristics That Makes Them A Special Breed

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Today, we get our magnifying glasses to work to look at the Papillon Characteristics unique only to them.

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The Papillon Dog is a friendly, tiny and very elegant toy dog.

It is an animal of fine-boned structure, dainty, light and full of lively action.

Unlike other breeds, they are distinguished by their silky, beautiful butterfly-like ears.

Papillons love their masters and are totally devoted to them, and having a very hearty spirit makes the breed desirable for both companionship and as a show dog.

They usually have a very long life span and are very hardy, intelligent and learn very quickly.

They are alert, obedient and gentle.

Papillons adapt to almost any climate, and are well suited for apartment living or older people because they are clean, dainty and easily housebroken and require very little outdoor exercise.

They are equally well suited for country living.

Papillons are usually great travellers, and are happy as long as they can be with their family.

They are a happy, friendly breed that is always eager to please, and rank as the number one in Toy Dog obedience.

Papillon are very friendly and intelligent, and certainly a lot tougher than they look. When it comes to a family dog, a Papillon Dog is wonderful as they are an affectionate dog and are lively, charming, vivacious, amusing and very playful.

They can also be gentle, dignified, and very patient and calm with a possessiveness of its owner and may occasionally resent outsiders.

Papillons are usually taught new tricks easily, and they are easy to obedience train. They make a wonderful family pet and are generally better with older, considerate children as small children don’t realize how fragile they are.

When raised together the Papillon is also very good with cats.

When people are looking for lively, clean, very dainty and affectionate pets, the Papillon fits all these categories.

In the looks department, the Papillon gives the impression of a prancing proud little dog and is a joy to watch move.

With its gorgeous thickly plumed tail carried proudly over its white silky, soft, fine coat it is a joy to see.

A Papillon Dog can be white, black or tri-coloured and the varieties in the coat add to its regal appearance.

The Papillon’s eyes, nose and lips are black. They have glossy, soft coats that need very little grooming and there is no big seasonal shed because they are not double coated.

As mentioned earlier, Papillons do extremely well as an indoor dog, as they don’t require a great deal of exercise but they also enjoy the outdoors.

In a Papillon’s mind they see themselves as great hunters. They love to go after squirrels, birds, spiders and even butterflies.

You will be constantly entertained by the Papillon’s love of life. Sometimes you will find them running around frantically for no other reason than they just feel like it.

Papillons are known to figure out very complicated situations because they have the ability to learn by thinking. Quite often they will put these skills to work trying to figure out a way to outwit their owners.

Papillons will invent games that they play with each other and sometimes by themselves. This knowledge is acquired through their thought process. In dog intelligence, the Papillon’s is ranked in the top 10 per cent of all dogs.

Also, because they love mental challenges, are very athletic and agile, they are the perfect breed to enter into agility contests. The Papillon is ranked as the number one Toy Breed in agility.

Papillon love to sit on your lap and give you love and ‘kisses’ to show how happy they are, and how much they love to meet and be with people. They are not a breed know for being nervous, fearful or even high-strung.

Unprovoked aggression, exaggerated mistrust towards other animals or people should never be demonstrated by Papillon’s. They are certainly way too busy with participating in the joys of life to be bothered with being bashful or angry.

The Papillon’s adorable personality and love of life make it very to understand why centuries ago the kings, queens and other nobility favoured these pocket sized dogs that were carried and cuddled with ease.

The Papillon’s personality has remained constant throughout the centuries and he is still a happy, alert, elegant, tiny toy dog. The Papillon is a perfect family dog as he is neither aggressive nor shy, but is very protective of his home and family.

Even though he is a dainty and elegant little dog, the Papillon makes a great watchdog that will alert the family if a stranger is near.

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