Your Papillon dog grooming tips

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You should brush your Papillon daily.

Their long single, silky coats are very important but fairly straightforward to brush.

The Papillon’s coat should always be brushed using a ‘pin’ brush.

There are slicker brushes available, but they can cause split hairs so are not recommended to use on a Papillon.

It helps to mist the Papillon’s coat before brushing with either water or a coat conditioner, as this will help with any tiny mats that may be present.

After brushing, it is a good rule to comb the coat thoroughly and find any mats or knots that the brush may have missed.

When combing or brushing the ear fringe hair of the Papillon Dog, take care in removing any knots or mats, as this hair is slow growing and will take a while to fill in if it has to be cut.

You can use your fingers to separate any small mats the Papillon might have before combing.

Also, check directly behind the Papillon’s ears with your fingers, as usually if mats start to form, they will quickly turn into larger mats and will require clipping. Some owners use a ‘boar bristle’ brush as the last step in brushing your Papillon.

How Do I Bathe My Papillon?

Papillons are bathed according to their activity level. They will often require frequent bathing in the summer, as they will probably be walking and swimming more.

Once every week or two will be sufficient, but when your Papillon is outside exercising, they may get into a variety of substances that will require the dog to have a bath before it returns to the house.

If your Papillon is a show dog, it is always bathed right before a show to keep the coat the best appearance possible.

Use special dog shampoos and conditioners that are high quality to prevent any concerns with damaging the coat or drying out the skin.

There is no time limit to how many times you can bath your dog unless the Papillon has medical condition that prevents bathing often or at all.

It is possible to either blow-dry or towel dry a Papillon. When blow-drying your pet, it helps to fluff up the coat and make it lie properly. Blow dry the hair against the direction of growth, and then brush with the hair growth to provide a full looking coat.

To teach the Papillon to accept the blow-drier, use the lowest setting so that the dog will hear it before he feels the warm air. Gradually bring it closer so that the Papillon can adjust to the sound and the warm air.

How Do I Clip My Papillon’s Nails And Feet?

A Papillon’s toenails and feet require a lot of care. Clipping their nails every week or two is a great habit to get into. Some Papillon need their nails clipped a little less frequently as they wear them down naturally.

You should always be very careful to avoid cutting the quick on your Papillon, as the quick is a collection of blood vessels and nerves. The quick is located inside the nail and can’t be seen easily in a dark nail.

On a light coloured nail it will appear as a pink line. If the quick is accidentally cut it will be very painful and bleed. Styptic powder will stop the bleeding but use caution when trimming your Papillon’s nails.

How Do I Remove The Staining Around My Papillon’s Eyes?

On Papillons with lighter coats, staining will show up from the eyes tearing. Sterile saline solution put on a cotton swab will usually keep the staining under control and to a minimum.

Use a damp cotton ball soaked in clean, warm water to remove crusting under the eyes. It is very painful to the Papillon if you try and pull the crusting off, as that will also remove tiny hairs.

Now you’ve read the theory it’s time to practise… and enjoy the experience with your little bundle of joy!