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Poodle Collars And Training: Why Choosing The Best Collar Possible Can Really Boost Your Training Time With A Poodle

Picture taken from www.i-can-explain.blogspot.com

Picture taken from www.i-can-explain.blogspot.com

I hope you are enjoying this series of newsletters so far and I can assure you that there is plenty of information still to come.

Today’s newsletter is all about Poodle collars and the role they play in training.

Some dog owners underestimate just how useful they can be and how getting the wrong collar can actually completely disrupt training.

Everything you need to know about this point is outlined below for you so just read on to find out more.


Poodle collars are no different to regular collars for the most part.

Those you can purchase from pet stores in person and online are perfect for Poodle training. They come in all different shapes and sizes.

For example, you can get the delicate and decorative ones that are designed for use around the house and not with a lead. You can get the training choker collars or Poodle collars that give you a greater degree of control with a harness.

You could also choose to use perfectly fitted regular collars.

The range is huge and the choice is yours but you might want to read the next section before you choose Poodle collars because it will make a difference as to how Poodle training goes.


First of all, Poodle collars make a big difference during training on the lead because they should make your Poodle feel comfortable without reducing your control over your dog.

As such, they should fit snugly without being too tight but should not allow your Poodle room to escape.

When you have made sure that your Poodle collars are the right fit, you should try it with a lead. Fit the lead or harness comfortably on your Poodle and tug it gently to make sure that you have control.

This should be done in the house before you take your Poodle for a walk. After checking the fit of Poodle collars, use it as a guide to know when your Poodle is pulling too much during training.

As soon as your Poodle begins to pull, you should use the lead to tug the collar slightly to bring your dog back into line.

It will not take long to correct this bad behaviour on the lead because the collar will do its job. If you find that a normal collar does not work then try a choker collar for a while.


All of the above information will help you but please bear in mind that there are different Poodle collars available for different reasons. For example, you will not want to use a choker collar during Toy Poodle training because of how small and delicate they are.

Similarly, a small and thin collar would not be any good during Standard Poodle training because it is likely to snap and leave your Poodle running wherever he or she wants to go.

Make sure that you exercise a little common sense and you will find that Poodle training on the lead works far better because you will be in full control.

I bet you did not know that Poodle collars were so important for training purposes, did you?

Many people just think they are for decorative purposes but they are so much more than they and worth their weight in gold when it comes to keeping your Poodle under control.

Just take a look next time you try training and you will soon see just how important they are.

That is all for today but I really hope that you have found this information useful.