Poodle Leash Training

Picture taken from www.dogcastradio.com

Picture taken from www.dogcastradio.com

Poodles are notoriously difficult to get walking alongside an owner with absolutely no hassle at all so the following tips may help you to do just that.


Poodle training is easy in so many areas because the breed as a whole is so intelligent and can easily pick up tricks, routines and commands.

You will find that you have few problems when potty training your dog or teaching commands via dog training. However, when you get a leash anywhere near your Poodle training regime then you will find it much more difficult to get your dog to do anything at all other than buck away from it.

The reason why Poodle training is so difficult in this area is because Poodles do not like to be controlled.

The leash removes their freedom and this is altogether repulsive to them. That is just for starters of course. Then you have the fact that Poodles will become easily distracted on walks and will try to investigate everything.

That makes them difficult to control on the lead as well, even if they have already been subject to leash Poodle training.

As such, there is little doubt that you will need the use of Poodle training tips to help you to get your dog used to the leash in order to be able to enjoy your walks.

The following tips are ideal for dog training if your Poodle is difficult on the lead:

  • First of all, get your Poodle used to being on a lead as soon as possible. This should be done in the backyard or another confined space prior to actually taking him or her on a walk. Strap on the leash and take your Poodle for a few laps of the garden. Walk at a normal pace and ignore your dog if he or she pulls backwards. Simply correct him or her if the leash pulls forward.
  • Try using a harness to keep full control of your Poodle during the early days of Poodle training on a leash. The harness will give you a better level of control and will enable you to pull the Poodle back into line.
  • When you go on a walk for the first time after back yard Poodle training, make sure that you take a favourite toy with you or a clicker to keep your Poodle’s attention. This may be the only way that you can pull him or her back from another dog or a particular patch that seems delightful to sniff.
  • Take another well behaved dog with you when you go on a walk. Your Poodle is intelligent enough to see that a good dog will get treats and a bad dog will not. He or she will soon correct the bad behaviour.

These four tips are literally just scraping the surface when it comes to Poodle training on a leash.

They are essential as a starting point but you will soon find something that works for you. If you have already had issues with leash training your Poodle then this will help you to have fun walking him or her.