Dog Grooming For Pekingese: What to Do and How to Do It Properly

pekingesePekingese dogs are a small breed of dogs which are popular among pet lovers. They have a long double coat with a lot of fur on the back of the legs. This type of dog breed also sheds greatly. Because of this, Pekingese usually need to be groomed regularly. For Pekes, dog grooming should be done twice every week for general grooming and every four to eight weeks for a full groom.

Peke owners have two choices on who will groom their dogs. While the occasional brushing of their long coat can be done on your own to keep the fur from spreading all over the house, full and general dog grooming can either be done by professional pet groomers or by yourself.

If you are an owner who prefers to groom your dogs on your own, or your pets are wary of new people, you can do the dog grooming in your own home; provided that you know how to do it and that you are familiar with the basics of how to groom a dog. Otherwise it is advisable to use a professional pet groomer.

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Before starting the grooming process, you must first prepare the tools and grooming supplies needed. The first thing you need is dog grooming clippers. You also need to have a slicker brush, a metal comb, cotton balls or soft cloth, a tub, shampoo, and a drier. Most of these dog grooming supplies can be brought from stores specializing in pet care or online where they are available in complete sets. And do not forget treats!

The complete dog grooming process includes a lot of steps and things to watch out for and remember. The whole process involves trimming their fur, bathing and drying them, brushing their fur, and cleaning their face, head and paws.

Trimming your pet Pekes’ fur is perhaps one of the trickiest parts in the whole grooming process. This is because Pekingese breeds are quite stubborn creatures and are sensitive to loud sounds and sudden movements so it would be a bit hard to train them to keep steady.

One way to deal with this problem is by starting to acquaint them with the clipper while young. After a few sessions, slowly but surely, bring the clipper to the body and start trimming. While trimming, give them treats. This way they will make a connection between trimming and treats and they will then be compliant. Pet grooming games can also be effective, not only in trimming but for the whole process.

It is up to you if you will give your Pekingese a light trim or a heavy trim, depending on what you think is best. For a light trim, make sure to trim the feathering just enough that it won’t touch the ground. Remember not to trim their coats too much as this would destroy their natural look.

When it comes to bathing, you only have to do it once a month or depending upon the need. Place them inside the tub with lukewarm water and wet them. Lather their body with a mild dog shampoo of good quality and pay attention to frequently soiled parts of the body. Make sure that the shampoo won’t get into their eyes, ears, and nose. After that, rinse them thoroughly to remove all traces of the shampoo.

Do not use a towel to dry their coats as it will only cause tangles. Use a dryer instead, held a little far away from the body and moved with strokes along the grain of the fur. Do it per handful of hair, parting the hair along the way to completely dry it.

Brushing their fur needs slow smooth strokes which are also moving along the grain. Do it with small areas each time.

To clean their face, use a moistened soft cloth or cotton balls and make sure to reach the folds of the face and head. Lastly, check the paws and remove any dirt stuck there.

While dog grooming can be very challenging for a Pekingese owner, if you learn the correct processes and make the experience fun for both you and the dog, you will not only get a lot of satisfaction from the process but create a stronger, warm bond between you and your pet.

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