Pekingese Dog Training: A Do It Yourself Guide For New Owners

pekingesePekingese are a fairly popular dog breed as pets and companions, but like other pets, they need to be trained and housebroken. However, because of certain unique qualities that this breed possesses, dog training can be difficult and it is quite hard to housebreak them.

They are often described as lion-like and regal. Despite their small size, they are very courageous and bold. They are also good natured, affectionate, and possess an air of high self-esteem. However, they can also be very opinionated and proud with a heightened sense of self importance.

They are also very independent, individualistic, and stubborn, and are not highly intelligent. In addition, Pekes are also known to disobey orders and exhibit negative behaviors if you do not establish yourself as the alpha dog or the one possessing the power.

Thus, because of these traits, dog training for the Pekingese breed can really be very difficult. It will take a lot of patience, effort, and time on the owners’ part to achieve good results. Housebreaking for this breed may be hard but it is still very important.

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You can opt to train them in dog training schools, placing them in the hands of experienced dog trainers. But if you do not have enough resources for this or you can’t find free dog training facilities, you can train your dogs on your own if you know the proper way. There are available sources out there such as dog training books and dog training videos which can be of great help to you.

It is advisable to train your Pekingese as early as possible to minimise the effect of the above traits. However it is essential to remember to establish yourself as the one in charge all throughout the training process.

One important aspect of dog training during this time is potty training. Potty training your Pekingese can be done through crate training. This involves placing your Peke in a crate which will serve as his living quarters and taking him out to his designated potty area when the need arises. Potty training puppies may be a bit hard as they do not have control of their bowels or bladder, but it is still better to start early.

When your Pekes show signs that they need to potty, take them out to their potty area. Do not bring them back until they do. Give them praise when they do it. Also use command words telling them to go potty in a firm manner. After that, bring them back to their crates. Do this regularly to reinforce the training.

Then there is the matter of obedience training. One thing about Pekes that needs to be strictly controlled is their possessive nature. This can be addressed throughout the process of training for dog obedience.

First and foremost, establish yourself as the alpha dog or the one in charge, as soon as you begin dog training. Start doing this in simple daily activities. For example when they crave for your attention and start to jump on your lap, immediately put them down with a firm no. Let the dog know that you’ll give your attention when you want to.

When taking a walk, always be the one to go through the door first. Put them on a leash and let them walk a little bit in front of you. When they start to pull, pop the lease and firmly command them to stop. They must do so and then follow your direction. Don’t forget to give them praise as soon as they have done it .

In teaching them dog tricks, don’t forget the power of reinforcement. For example, when training them to lie down on your command, offer a small treat in front of them while slowly lowering your hand to the ground. Give them the command and gently push their body down. Let them have the treat immediately afterwards.

Remember that the key to successfully training your Pekingese is establishing your authority, maintaining firmness, being consistent, and having a lot of patience.

truth about this breed

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