toy poodleBeyond the Iconic Hair Style.

Poodles are one of the most popular dogs not only in terms of households that own them but also as an icon. It’s significant in pop culture being prominent in 50’s fashion. It unfortunately suffers from a preconceived notion that it is a beautiful dog that lacks brains however that cannot be farther from the truth as they are one of the most intelligent dog species.

Description and General Appearance
The most noticeable characteristic of Poodles is their thick, puffed up, curly hair, although this is normally trimmed in various styles. Its body is linear, boxy, well-proportioned and graceful. It comes in a wide array of colors and patterns like brown, black, grey, silver, white, apricot, silver beige, red, parti, sable, brindle and phantom.

Height and Weight
Poodles come in several sizes: standard, miniature and toy. A toy poodle reaches only a maximum of 10 inches in height. A miniature poodle is 11-15 inches while the standard size is anything above 15 inches. A toy poodle would weigh 6-9 lbs. A miniature poodle weighs 15-17 lbs. Male standard poodles weigh between 45-70 lbs. while females are 45-60 lbs.

truth about this breed

Health and Longevity
With proper care, this dog can live up to 20 years but it may encounter a series of serious diseases the most common of which is Addison’s disease. It is difficult to diagnose this disease which is why it is often left untreated but if your dog is inexplicably lethargic, incapable of handling stress, or experiences gastric disturbances then they should be tested.

Basic Temperament
This breed is good natured and cheerful. It is friendly, even towards strangers, and is very loyal to its owner. It is also proud and adopts an air of nobility. This is also a hunting dog and could instinctively point out game. Poodles are very sociable, whether to humans or other dogs.

Care Required
Grooming a Poodle is tedious due to its large volume of hair. Daily brushing to avoid tangling and matting should be performed on it. A trip to the pet salon should be done every six to eight weeks. There are many different styles available for this breed and normally owners have fun and become adventurous when picking a style. Some common clips for show dogs include the continental puppy, second puppy and English saddle. But for pets, the owner and groomer can be as creative as they want. There are even pet safe hair dyes that can be used on your animal companion.

Exercise Requirements
This is a very physical dog breed so it would require daily walks at the very least. But it does enjoy running around open spaces and even sports like swimming. They like jumping and are good at agility tricks.

Training Tips
The Poodle’s intelligence has been proven by a study conducted by Stanley Coren where it was ranked the second most intelligent out of all dog species. This breed has also consistently won several “best in show” world titles. This makes them very easy to train as they understand simple commands as well as more complex instructions. Since they are much attuned to their owners, they respond well to words of praise. They also pick up on things very quickly which means you need to be consistent with your commands otherwise your pet can be confused. Poodles are so adept at doing tricks and following commands that they have been used as circus performers in the past.

Suitability as a Pet
Many households buy Poodles as a pet because of their intelligence, versatility and friendliness. They are also a joy to groom and enjoy being the light of a family’s life which makes them great pets.

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truth about this breed

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