Poodle Potty Training Tips

Picture taken from www.akc.org

Picture taken from www.akc.org

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Today we will give you some Poodle potty training tips!

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This time we will be discussing another element of Poodle training, namely potty training puppies and how to housebreak them as quickly and easily as possible. Read on to find out more.


Potty training puppies is an absolute must if you have been thinking about
getting a Poodle puppy because you do not want them going to the toilet wherever they happen to be when they feel the urge.

Puppies need boundaries and house training them is an absolute must.

Poodle training should begin with this particular area because once you have it under control and have taught your dog well then it will be easier to gain a measure of respect in other areas of training and assert yourself as pack leader.

Puppy potty training can really enhance the whole training process because it cultivates obedience and helps the bonding process just as much as any other form of dog training does.


There are several ways to go about Poodle training and housebreaking. For example, you can use the old fashioned technique of placing newspaper progressively closer to the door or crate training.

You could use confinement after mealtimes to encourage good toilet habits.

You could even use a litter tray with Poodle puppies much like you would with a cat. It is completely your choice as to how you go about it because you have to feel comfortable with the technique.

However, it has to be said that crate training and newspaper training often work much better than confinement because it means that they learn how to behave in the house as a whole from day one.


Poodle training techniques are relatively easy to use for house training.

Crate training has been talked about before so that is nothing new but you might want to know about two of the other techniques talked about above – confinement and newspaper training.

Confinement is essentially where you keep a puppy in a confined space until he or she does business and only then are they able to move into other areas of the house.

This works well because the Poodle will soon figure out what is required but it is not so good because it does not encourage them to go to that space when they need to go, only to go in order to be removed from the area in question.

Newspaper training is much better because you are effectively teaching your dog to go to the toilet in a specific place every time during Poodle training. He or she will learn to head straight for the newspaper if you move him or her onto it when he needs the toilet.

The trick is then to progressively move the newspaper towards the back door so your dog will eventually learn to ask to go out.

Aside from crate training, this is the easiest and most effective way of potty training puppies.

No matter what technique you use, there are two things you should always remember – be patient no matter what and remain positive by reinforcing good behavior with treats.

Never lose your temper or get angry as that is counterproductive.

Instead, correct any bad or incorrect behavior and your Poodle training will soon succeed!

So there you have it – if you have been struggling on the housebreaking element of Poodle training then these hints and tips should help you.

If you combine this with one of the previous newsletters on crate training as well then you will soon find that it becomes easier and your Poodle will pick it up quicker.

I hope you learned a lot from today’s Poodle training newsletter!

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Sharda Baker