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Poodle Skin Diseases: Everything You Need to Know About Poodle Skin Allergies and their Implications

Picture taken from www.hownottoactold.com

Picture taken from www.hownottoactold.com

From the desk of Sharda Baker.


Hi and welcome everyone!

This is Sharda with another Poodle dogs newsletter.

Today we will discuss about the poodle skin diseases you must be aware of!

I am certainly glad that you have returned for more hints, tips and information about Poodles and hope that you have enjoyed those sent to you thus far.

This time we will be discussing Poodle health, or more specifically the type of skin allergies that your Poodle is likely to face at some point in time unless you know how to avoid those issues.

Poodle health issues are commonly considered to be those problems that are potentially life threatening and are actually registered at the Poodle Health Registry as prevalent in the breed.

However, there are more common ailments that cause just as much misery over an extended period of time if they are not dealt with and dog skin allergies are definitely amongst them.

There are several Poodle health complaints related to allergies because of the dense nature of the coat. Unless you regularly groom your Poodle and do so in a vigilant manner then you will find that issues can go undetected for quite some time, by which point you may have other dog health problems to deal with.

The following are all very common Poodle health problems in relation to dog skin allergies:

  • Fleas – Fleas are common skin allergies in any dog but they just love the dense nature of the Poodle coat. You will soon begin to notice that your Poodle begins to itch constantly and may even have a problem getting comfortable. You may also notice bites on the skin when you groom him or her. If you leave fleas to infest your dog’s coat then you may find that you have other Poodle health issues to deal with as well, such as infected sores and bald patches.
  • Dried shampoo – This is a major problem for those owners who do not necessarily take the time to wash off the shampoo properly when bathing him or her once a week. The shampoo can be difficult to get off because it does tend to get caught in the coat and may build up. For the most part, this causes irritation and a rash but it can also lead eye and ear irritation.
  • Bedding dander – Bedding dander may be an issue for those of you that do not change the bedding regularly for your Poodle. If the dander builds up then it works to cause irritation and Poodle health issues. This may not be accepted as a problem by some because Poodles do not tend to shed much but it is not the only substance that will build up on bedding. Instead, pollen, dust mites and the dander of other pets, amongst other things, may build up on there. This is just as irritating and can lead to itching, irritation, redness and even broken skin. It is an easy Poodle health issue to solve though –simply clean or change the bedding regularly.
  • Chemicals like carpet cleaner – This is the final and potentially the most harmful dog skin allergy for Poodle health. Chemicals can cause severe rashes all over the body, encourage the skin to break down and will absolutely irritate it to the point at which infected sores develop quickly. If your dog is allergic to this then you may find that he or he has an eye infection or even vomiting as well. Veterinary help should be sought immediately and measure should be taken to remove the product from the house to prevent further issues should also be taken.

Of course, there are other dog skin allergies around that can affect Poodle health but you need to make sure that you are aware of these in particular.

I hope this has been informative and helped you and your dog out!

All the best and take care

Sharda Baker