Scottish Terriers

Scottish TerrierScottish Terriers: Why They Are a Well-loved Breed.

Scottish Terriers, also called Aberdeen Terrier or the Scottie, have been prominent in history by being well-loved pets of United States presidents. It’s also a token that can be used in the popular game Monopoly. And it’s easy to see why they’re such an iconic, well-loved breed.

Description and General Appearance
Scottish Terriers are tiny little dogs that are characterized by their rectangular head and body as well as their short legs. Their outer coat is thick and coarse while their inner coat is soft to the touch. Normally this coat is kept long on the body, eyebrows, and especially around the muzzle making it look like they have a beard. This distinct silhouette is what most people associate to the Scottie. They can be seen in colors of black, dark grey, brindle which is a brown and black combination, and wheaten.

Height and Weight
They are one of the smallest dog breeds coming up to only 9.8 inches in height. Males weigh from 19-22 lbs. and females at 18-21 lbs.

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Health and Longevity
This breed is known to be more likely to contract allergies, cancer, joint disorders, bleeding disorder and autoimmune disease as compared to other dog breeds. The Scotty cramp, named after the breed itself, is another disease that they acquire and is marked by spasms on their legs. They also commonly experience two maladies that they acquire genetically which are the craniomandibular osteopathy and the von Willebrand disease. The former is sometimes also called the Scotty jaw. This occurs when bone develops in excess at the jaw area which then causes pain when chewing.

This normally stops and starts to regress when the dog reaches 11 to 13 months. The von Willebrand diseaseis signified by delayed blood clotting. A dog that experiences this will have excessive blood flow when wounded. Despite a host of possible health issues, the lifespan of Scottish Terriers reaches 11 to 13 years.

Basic Temperament
The temperament of Scottish Terriers makes them excellent guard dogs as they like protecting their territory. They are also courageous and very alert. In fact, they were nicknamed “Diehard” because of their bravery. They are extremely intelligent and independent. They are also quick-footed and energetic. Since they are so fearless and territorial, they may not get along with other dogs straight away and they need to be introduced to companions early in their life. They are also preying dogs and have a tendency to hunt small animals like mice, rats and even squirrels.

Care Required
Due to its long, thick fur, it is recommended to brush this breed daily to avoid the matting and tangling of its hair. To maintain its iconic look, regular grooming is also required.

Exercise Requirements
This breed has a boundless amount of energy so it should be regularly taken out for walks and played with. It likes to run around and could participate in any physical activity.

Training Tips
Never be aggressive with this breed. Being a fierce and feisty dog, he may retaliate especially when he still isn’t familiar with a person. The best way to train this dog is via firm but calm commands as they respond better to positive reinforcement. Since it is also a stubborn breed, it may take a while for commands to properly be made into habit so consistency is the key.

Suitability as a Pet
Scottish Terriers are more suitable to assertive families that already have older children since this pet tends to be playful and a little rough and is prone to retaliate when manhandled. Thus they could pose problems with small children. Still, due to their bravery and protectiveness, they are ideal pets.

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