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border collieBorder Collies: An Insider’s Guide To Taking Care Of An Athletic Dog

Description and General Appearance
Border Collies are working dogs. These are one of the most popular herding dogs and regarded as one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. Bred originally for herding livestock within the England and Scotland area, these collieshave great agility and speed, and have been known for their success rate in sheepdog trials and other dog sports due to their athletic, acrobatic and energetic nature.

These breeds usually have thick coats and are medium sized dogs. Some ofthem have single coats while others have double coats. The most common color for Border Collies is black and white, but they can also have red and black tricolors. Other colors include brindle, blue or red merle, lilac and blue.

Eye color can be anywhere from blue, to amber or deep brown. Ears can also differ from semi-erect ones to drooped ears and even fully erect ears.

Basic Temperament
Since these are active and intelligent dogs, the Border Collie temperament needs constant mental stimulation and exercise. Although these dog types can be kept as pets, the owner needs to givethem sufficient activity and play time. Otherwise, these dogs can become neurotic and unsuitable for houses with small pets, cats, dogs and children.

Care Required
Border Collie care requires that you must have them vaccinated and make sure that they are free from fleas and ticks. Brush their coat to achieve a lush look. Feed them only with high quality meat and food products. To be better guided, ask your vet regarding the appropriate nutritional value for your dog. Their main diet consists of meat.
Trim their nails regularly and give them a bath only when necessary.

Exercise Requirements
Border Collies exerciseneeds are considerable and require human stimulation. Make sure that you do this daily for at least 30-45 minutes. Give them a chew toy so they are prevented from chewing on furniture.

Training Tips
With its natural herding instinct, you have to train your dog to mingle with children so they can socialize well. This will prevent them from nipping the children’s heels due to their desire to herd.

Height and Weight
Theycan have the height of 48 to 56 cm for males and 46 to 53 cm for females and can weigh around 30 and 50 pounds

Health and Longevity
The average lifespan for these dogs lasts up to 12 to 13 years, although some may live from 10 years to 17 years. Most of them suffer from cancer, although some die from cerebral vascular afflictions and old age.

Border Collies health problems include epilepsy, Collie eye anomaly (CEA) and hip dysplasia. Eye disease is an inherited, congenital disease that impairs vision and affects the schlera, choroid and retina. Another rare disease is known as the Neuronal ceroidlipofuscinosis (NCL). This sickness impairs the neurological abilities of these dogs and they usually die within two years of age.
Another congenital disease includes the Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome (TNS) which attacks the bone marrows and shuts down its ability to produce white cells that are responsible for fighting off infections. Other diseases affecting them are hypothyroidism, deafness and Elbow dysplasia.

Suitability As a Pet
Due to their strong herding instinct, Border Collies may not be suitable as pets for those who do not have the patience for them. They are ideal for hikers and runners who are also as physically active as the Border Collies.

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