Finding The Best Border Collie Puppies for Sale and home training tips

border collieThe Border Collie is a wonderful and attentive dog breed. There are many varieties of Border Collie puppies for sale from professional breeders, pet stores, shelters and rescue organisations, backyard breeders, and puppy mills. Professional breeders typically belong to one or more reputable kennel clubs, such as the American Kennel Club (AKC), and typically have a lengthy screening process for the family that wants to adopt one of their puppies.

Many pet stores acquire their puppies from two sources: back-yard breeders, and puppy mills. A few pet stores do acquire the puppies and dogs from shelters and rescues; if that is the case, the store will undoubtedly have signage and documents proudly indicating this fact. If in doubt, ask. Puppy mills will breed any Border Collie puppies for sale strictly for profit, often with little-to-no regard for the well-being of the dogs being bred, other than as a source of income. Try to also avoid purchasing a puppy from a backyard breeder. If they are successful at selling their dog’s puppies, often for unjustifiably inflated prices, they will continue to breed their dog, not caring what happens to their puppies.

Most people do not realize that purebred dogs also find their way into shelters and rescue organisations. In the United States, approximately 25% of the dogs in shelters are purebred dogs, representing every breed imaginable, including Border Collies .

If you have chosen the pup you want from the variety of Border Collie puppies for sale, and you’re ready to pick up a puppy from your breeder or shelter, below are some recommendations on helping your new puppy adjust to your home.

Early socialization and obedience are strongly encouraged. The Border Collie is easily trained. Due to their tremendously thoughtful nature this breed should never be treated in a harsh or mean-spirited manner. They are exceedingly talented in herding, police work, competitive obedience, Frisbee, agility and Flyball.

Easily the most nerve-wracking time in a dog’s life is when it’s taken away from its mother and home, to go to its new one. Although this is a happy time for you, you should remember that rehoming is unlikely to be a happy time for the pup and it may be difficult initially to get it to play. Transportation to its new home should be done without added stress for the dog. Having quick access to needed necessities, like food, water, and even a place to sleep, will help put your puppy at ease as it gets adjusted to your home.
Assuming you collect the puppy from the breeder at eight weeks of age, it’ll need between 3 and 5 meals at regular intervals through the day. Always buy food formulated for puppies so it gives them the nutrition they need in a size they can eat safely, to ensure healthy puppy development. Establishing a routine of when to expect food can help manage your puppy’s expectations and help them settle into your home more readily. Routine helps a dog adjust to a new environment.

Don’t take your new pet to training classes or outdoors until full immunity is achieved – usually 2 weeks after the 2nd vaccination. However, visiting friends and family, car rides, new visitors at the house and meeting as many different animals, noises and experiences as possible at home will make your early public appearances that much easier.

When training Border Collie puppies, remember that a puppy’s attention span is brief, and it needs regular naps. When it begins to tire, or if it actually falls asleep, take it to its designated sleeping place – whether it be a puppy bed, crate or other area. Set up a boundary that your pet will recognize as their place to relax.

The puppy should learn very basic toilet training as soon as it can. Puppies are quite predictable in their bathroom routine – after napping, after eating, etc. If you practice quick reinforcement and consistent behavior, house training Border Collie pups will be quite easy. These dogs take to training quickly and truly want to please their masters.

If you see them making a mistake like going in the house, correct the behavior immediately. Establishing that behavior as incorrect, without being harsh with the dog, ensures your puppy will take notice. Then establishing the correct behavior will go a long way. These dogs are smart and they can connect several cues together. This is evident in agility training or tricks but the same principle applies to house training. If you’d like a reference in how to house train your pet, there are numerous videos and guides online to training your puppy.

Border Collies are wonderful dogs that devote their energy to pleasing their masters. This behavior is encouraged by raising a happy and healthy dog from a puppy. Take the time to help them adjust as puppies and train them well, and they’ll serve you as long as they can!

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