Border Collie Australian Breed–Highly Intelligent, Beautiful Dogs.

border collieThe Border Collie Australian breed, also known as Australian Shepherds, are attentive, incredibly intelligent and beautiful dogs. These dogs have many of the same wonderful qualities of a Border Collie.

They share a similar look and energy level. However they may not be the dog for every household based on their activity levels.

Below is a little bit more information about the Border Collie Australian breed to see if they’re a good fit for your household.

The Basics

• Personality: They are generally happy and thoughtful pets. They are friendly with people they see their masters interacting with. However they will still be able to protect your house by barking at strangers that their masters don’t introduce them to.

• Families: These dogs love families and respect the pack structure of a family. You’ll want to be careful of having an Australian Shepherd around small children. Based on their herding history, these dogs will often try and herd humans wherever possible and could knock over small children.

• Grooming: Keeping an Australian Shepherd’s coat healthy and beautiful is no small task. These animals have a double coat—underneath the glossy, colorful coat is a dense, wool-like one. They shed almost constantly. You’ll need to invest in a couple of brushes including a rake to get their undercoat untangled, thereby keeping their skin healthy.

• Training: These animals were bred to be led by humans so they take training very easily. They are incredibly intelligent and get restless without training. You can even go beyond basic obedience training with these dogs and get into agility training. Australian Shepherds thrive when they have a job so training is crucial to keep them engaged and purposeful.

• Environment: These dogs, partially based on their coats, do well in colder climates. They can withstand cooler temperatures and precipitation outside. Their undercoats keep them warm and insulated during cold winters. However, these dogs can get extremely hot during the summer if they are not groomed to get a lot of their undercoat out while they’re shedding. In the summer, it’s crucial to keep them cool.

• Exercise: The biggest downside to this breed is the amount of exercise they require. They are incredibly active and need regular and extensive exercise. It is best if they have a yard or property to run around on and play fetch. Regular, daily walks can suffice in a city but you should anticipate teaching your pet tricks to keep them mentally active as well.

In terms of appearance, Australian Shepherds look very similar to Border Collies. They are of a similar build—they are both medium to large sized dogs. Compared to the Border Collie, Australian Shepherds have a wide variety of color variations in both their coats and eyes. Border Collies generally come in a few color variations but commonly black and white with brown eyes. Border Collie Australian Shepherds on the other hand can come in almost any color—browns, tans, and even merle blues. And one of the most striking aspects of an Australian Border Collie is the color of their eyes. They often have bright blue or green eyes and sometimes their eyes aren’t the same color. Often these animals have one blue eye and one brown eye. Their eyes are probably one of the most notable aspects of their striking looks.

The Border Collie Australian breed, also known as Australian Shepherds, are beautiful, intelligent and active dogs. These animals are one of the quickest, both mentally and physically, in the dog world. If you’re looking for a dog to be a productive member of your house, an Australian Shepherd is a great option if you have the space and time to exercise them regularly.

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