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boston terrierBoston Terriers: The American Gentleman

Boston Terriers come in many names such as the Boston Bull, the Boxwood and, the most interesting, the American Gentleman. It originated from the United States of America due to its appearance (it has a white block of color on the chest making it look like its wearing a tuxedo) and gentleness.

Description and General Appearance
This is a small dog breed that comes in brindle, black, or seal colors. It normally has white markings throughout its body mostly on the chest, around the neck, on its muzzle and from its paw to half way up its leg. It’s short and compact and has the appearance of being well-muscled. Its head is square in shape and it has ears that sit on top of it that are normally cropped and pointing upwards. The tail is similarly short. It has a really fine coat that is normally shiny. It has a graceful gait and would look like its bouncing when it walks.

Height and Weight
This breed is only 15-17 inches in height and should weigh around 10-25 pounds.

Health and Longevity
The life span of this breed is 11-15 years. Due to the size of its eyes and the fact that it is mostly unprotected, the Boston Terrier is prone to cataracts and other eye related diseases at any age such as cherry eye, dry eyes, corneal ulcers and corneal dystrophy. It is also normal to hear the dog snort or snore due to its narrow trachea, lengthy palate and small nostrils. Slipping kneecaps are also known problems of the dog due to their gait.

If you want to breed Boston Terriers they would normally produce 4-6 puppies. However, due to their size, they would need to undergo a caesarean procedure.

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Basic Temperament
Another reason why this breed is called the American Gentleman is because of its friendly, easy going and mild-mannered temperament. They are very protective and may tend to compete with other dogs for affection.This makes them good guard dogs. It also easily senses the feelings of its owner and responds to it accordingly. They also have very expressive faces and eyes which conveys what they’re feeling. They are also generally playful, active and often, mischievous.

Care Required
This dog normally can’t stand extreme cold or heat so either bundle them up during winter or put them in an air conditioned room or in front of a fan during summer. Since their coat is so short, they need minimal brushing. However, they still need to bathe regularly. To avoid any eye and ear problems, also clean these areas regularly.

Exercise Requirements
Just a daily walk would be enough exercise for this tiny puppy. However, they are very playful and would have bursts of activity throughout the day.

Training Tips
This is a very intelligent breed and could pick up easily on commands after repeating it a couple of times. They like pleasing their owners so positive reinforcement is the best method for them to learn. Also, it is important for small breeds like this to recognize who the alpha is in the family as they are prone to small dog syndrome. This would make them obedient and prevent them from having bad behaviour.

Suitability as a Pet
It is good to have a Boston Terrier as a pet as they have been bred for companionship. They are friendly and like being held. They require very little exercise. They enjoy being around people and make it their goal in life to please their owners which makes them ideal pets.

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truth about this breed

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