What You Need To Know About Puppy Nutrition

dog foodA new puppy always throws up a lot of new questions, situations and dilemmas that new, and experienced, owners will have to work out and learn how to deal with. Dogs vary so much from each other that one owner, skilled in training a laid back Labrador, may find themselves completely overwhelmed by a hyper Springer Spaniel. Although no online manual or book can prepare you for the exact nature of your new puppy there are some basic guidelines that are important regardless of what breed of dog you have, whether it’s a dog or a bitch or from a rescue or a breeder. The main basic guidline is food and puppy nutrition.

Food, along with warmth and love, is one of the most important things your dog needs. Food for your baby has to conform to the laws surrounding its manufacture and not only be fit for human consumption but absolutely safe for young children. Sadly there are not some enforceable laws for dog food. There are guidelines and recommendations but the ingredients used by some unscrupulous companies would have you open mouthed in shock.

Anything potentially toxic, harmful or poisonous to an animal is obviously prohibited from use by law but the quality of the allowable ingredients is not regulated.

This is where dogs, and puppies especially, can suffer without their owners even realising they are putting their dog at an increased risk of illness and infection due to a low immune system brought on by a poor diet and lack of proper puppy nutrition.

Ideally before you bring your puppy home you will be able to research the best food for him. Is he a working dog for example? Does he have any specific dietary requirements, perhaps because of illness or your own lifestyle choice, such as eating a purely vegetarian dog food?

The absolute best dog food ingredients for puppy nutrition are human grade. This means that there are no nasty feet, bones, feathers or cartilage. All the food that goes into the product is suitable for human consumption and therefore extra digestible and nutritious for your dog.

With the magnitude of the world wide web and the sheer volume of sites and information out there it can seem like a huge task just to be sure of any one fact. One site may strongly advocate one thing whilst another vehemently argues against it. The one fact that will never change, however, is that the very best dog food brands, such as Acana, Canidae, Natura and Wellness all use human grade ingredients and have an holistic approach to feeding your pet.

This is why it is so important to consider your new puppy’s food very carefully. Food with low-grade ingredients can cause hyperactivity, poo-eating, unwanted behavior in the form of stealing food, as well as leaving the dog more open to infections such as worms.

If you are uncertain which brand is the best for your puppy nutrition then consider its needs. Is it a large or giant breed and does it need a high protein food? Perhaps it needs a low fat dog food or maybe it’s a toy breed and needs dog food with smaller kibble. All these factors must be considered to ensure your new pet is receiving adequate puppy nutrition.

If you are still uncertain, or have narrowed your choice down to a few companies, go online or phone them up and ask if they can provide you with some dog food samples. This way you can see the food for yourself, and determine if your dog likes it. You don’t want to commit to buying a large bag only to find you, or he, is not happy with it.

It is normally highly recommended by vets that unless there is a specific reason for not doing so then dry food is the best thing to feed your dog. Wet dog food offers no resistance and can be easily swallowed without chewing therefore making the chance of your dog developing teeth and gum related problems later in life a lot more likely.

The best dry dog food brands include all those listed above as well as Burns Pet Health, Holistic Select and Eagle Pack.

The importance of feeding your puppy the right food from as young an age as possible cannot be expressed enough. Puppy nutrition is vitally important since food is what keeps every animal going and our dogs look to us to provide them with the right sort to aid their growth, development and happiness.

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