Golden Labrador Retriever Puppies: Care Guide For New Owners

labradorAdorable, cuddly, playful and sweet. These are among the traits of Labrador puppies. One should take note that there are three distinct colors – yellow or golden, black, and chocolate. Of the three, golden Labrador Retriever puppies are the most popular. The popularity of the golden Labrador Retriever in the US and Canada has reached the United Kingdom as well. With that, it has been consistently awarded as among the top ten registered breeds by the American Kennel Club (AKC). There are times where a white mark is found on the chest among black Labrador puppies. This is called a “mismark”. This is permissible but not desirable.

Labrador Retrievers are of two types: the English and American-bred Labs. They vary in appearance. The English-bred Labradors are larger in build, heavier, shorter legs, and have a thicker coat. The American-bred Labradors on the other hand have thinner coats, taller legs and tails, and are lanky.

Prospective owners can find a variety of golden Labrador Retriever puppies from various reputable breeders though there are a lot of puppies for adoption also in shelters, rescue units, or advertised through various sites. As to gender, some have opted for females as they are known to make better pets. Others choose males since they are said to make good workers. However, both possess the common characteristics of being playful, friendly, and perform well in specific tasks.

Puppy training is never easy, as getting a younger dog requires more time and energy to be devoted in training and exercise. It would be best to plan ahead before your puppy arrives in your home. Knowing that Labrador puppies are very energetic, their energy should be released through exercise. Without enough exercise, they become obese. That is why, owners who want to skip this period would opt to get mature Labrador Retrievers. However, the younger the golden Labrador Retriever puppies are in the hands of their loving owners, the more influence these owners can have on their behaviours and attitudes.

Puppies have shorter attention spans than older dogs. Thus, training sessions should be made short. First, take your pup on a tour around your house to keep him at ease in his new home. Make him feel the welcoming atmosphere. Always bear in mind that your puppy needs to eat, drink, play, nap, and potty. Thus, housebreaking is very important. Watch out for signs.

Puppies that are about to potty become restless. They sniff around and start scratching. Take your puppy immediately out and watch over him. Praise him after. Having very little control of their bladders, they usually eliminate more often so it would be better to take them out every two hours. Accidents can be unavoidable but remember to impose discipline only when you have caught your puppy in the act. Be ready with enzyme based cleaners to totally eliminate the smell on your floors and carpets to avoid your puppy from marking his territory. Pet doors are also good to make your puppy’s toileting easier.

Golden Labrador Retriever puppies can be quite destructive and love to chew. Puppy-proof your homes as they may chew on electrical wirings, toxic substances, and even plants that are known to be poisonous. Always teach them with safety commands to drop what they chew and provide them with chewing toys so you don’t find your Labrador puppies nibbling on other things.

Feed your golden Labrador Retriever puppies with a prescribed puppy dog food to avoid possible indigestion problems and allergies. Never feed your puppy with table food. Take note of the long list of human foods that are known to be toxic for dogs especially if ingested in large amounts.

One common cause of death among dogs is the dreaded Parvo virus. Make sure that puppy vaccinations have been completed especially against Parvo. Keep your area clean from any fecal matter to avoid fleas and other infections.

Grooming is also very important to keep your Labrador puppy healthy. Brushing your puppy’s coat weekly will keep your Labrador’s coat and skin healthy. Aside from that, regular vet visits are required to complete your puppy’s well-being.


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