Labrador Training 101: Facts Every Breed Owner Should Know

labradorFor many years, the Labrador Retriever has been named as one of the most popular among the dog breeds in America and recently, in a survey conducted by the American Kennel Club, the Labrador once again bagged the award. However Labrador training can be very frustrating.

Labrador Retrievers, as the name suggests, have become popular family companions and careful retrievers. They are known for their intelligence, friendliness, playful nature, good temperament, and love for water.

Labrador training requires much patience and dedication, knowing that this breed loves to chew and has very high energy. There are however various guides such as dog training books that include topics on housebreaking and positive dog obedience training. These books along with dog training videos would help every owner ensure success in training a Labrador.

Without a thorough knowledge about this breed, Labrador training can be frustrating. Housebreaking is the first step to a better relationship with your dog. Decide where your dog should eliminate. Toilet training should not be a terrorizing process. Never impose a punishment if you have not caught your dog in the act. Your dog would not be able to associate such punishment with such an act.

Although it is more preferable to train dogs when they are young, puppies have low memory skills and are likely to have accidents again. Labrador puppy training requires much diligence as puppies have very little control of their bladders. Thus, it is advisable for owners to take their Labrador puppies out every two hours.

Crate training is also an effective housebreaking aid. A crate should be comfortable for your dogs. It should provide convenience and safety. Your Labrador Retriever should not
think that crate confinement is a form of punishment. Place your Labrador’s favorite toys in the crate. Feeding your dog inside the crate is advisable. Sleeping in the crate is likewise
recommended. Dogs would not want to potty or mess in their sleeping places and this should ensure that they would make sure their crates are clean. Schedule your dog’s feeding time in order to develop a potty schedule as well.

A dog litter box is another effective tool in potty training your Labrador Retriever. Indoor litter boxes for Labrador training provide convenience to owners and help prevent damage to lawn grasses.

Dog tricks on the other hand are effective in developing dog obedience. While your Labrador enjoys the fun, you will also find it easier to teach your dog to follow you. Extra care should be observed and never ask your dog to do anything that could possibly cause him injuries. Rewards are important to help develop retention. Always praise your Labrador after heeding your command and give him treats.

Since a Labrador Retriever is known for its high energy, Labrador training should include significant daily exercise. A walk to the park and jog around the neighbourhood is important for both exercise and socialization. Walking on a leash helps you to be in control of your dog. Although your Labrador may be trained and is very sociable, you cannot predict any possible behavioural changes due to excitement or distractions in the surroundings.

A highly energetic dog requires more activities. Games would enable your Labrador Retriever to practice his skills. You can play fetch with your dog without getting exhausted. A Labrador would normally chase a stick or ball when you throw it, and hand it back to you. This game is great for Labrador training as it helps satisfy every Labrador’s retrieving instincts. In every game, especially when playing in packs, you should instil in his mind that you are working and playing as a team and you are the captain. Playing tightens the bond between you and your dog.

Labrador Retriever training is something that should not be taken lightly. Every dog owner should observe positive reinforcement, patience, and consistency with this breed.

The more consistent you are with humane Labrador training methods, the more your Lab will learn and enjoy your company.


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