Dog Food Recipes for Pugs: What They Need and What You Need to Know

pugEach breed of dogs has different needs of their own. Although most dogs are quite adaptive in their diets, some breeds have specific requirements. Because of pugs’ unique characteristics, they also have their own set of dietary needs. With their energetic nature, active lifestyle, and small body build, pugs need dog food recipes that provide high energy and a nutritious diet.

Pugs’ nutritional needs can be derived from various food sources. Regarding dog food, there are two types which are always in conflict with each other among countless dog owners. Some say that commercial dog foods are best for their pugs, but others also say that homemade is best, with healthy and natural dog food recipes.

Commercial dog food brands are actually classified into five types. The first type is the Generic foods. Belonging to this type are locally made dog foods, the cheapest among the group. Store Label foods include those sold under department store names and are slightly costlier than the Generic ones. Standard Brand foods are the most popular as they are what we commonly see on television with their commercials. An example would be Alpo and Purina. Premium Brands such as Lams and Eukanuba claim to have better quality and promise to give your dogs a longer and more healthy life. Lastly, Super-Premium Brands are those who make more superior claims than the Premium Brands and have the highest price among the five.

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Whether these claims are true or not, deciding upon which brands to feed your dogs must be based most importantly on whether or not they have met the Association of America Feed Control Officials or AAFCO standards. Dog foods passing these standards have undergone and passed dog food analysis.

When opting for commercial dog foods, it is more advisable to choose the ones with an organic formula, preferably with dog food ingredients that are GMO, pesticide, antibacterial, and hormone free. There are other pug owners who suggest brands such as Natural Balance and Karma Organic Foods.

It would also be far safer for your pugs to choose hypoallergenic dog food for them. This is because pugs are prone to skin problems and allergies like other breeds such as bulldogs.
There are also owners who advocate for homemade dog food. This will require a lot of time from the owners compared to the commercial ones. However, others argue that serving their pugs with home cooked meals can assure them that only the best will go in their pets’ tummy. When deciding to prepare homemade dog food recipes, you should also choose organic and natural ingredients, just like in choosing organic commercial dog foods.
Another thing to remember when making homemade dog food recipes is to make sure not to over-supplement your dogs as this can cause problems for them. You also need to make the cuts of the foods in just the right sizes so they will still be able to chew them and not choke, as pugs tend to gobble their food down without chewing it.

The following are some simple and basic do-it-yourself dog food recipes that you can make in your home: For your pugs’ carbohydrates and protein needs, you can try giving them Stewed Chicken with Brown Rice. Preferably using chicken legs, stew the meat in boiling water until it is thoroughly cooked and tender. Remove the chicken legs from the broth and use it to cook the rice, straining the broth in cheesecloth beforehand. When cooked, serve the rice with bite-sized chicken meat removed from the bones.

Dog food recipes which include more nutrients in your pugs’ food are based on Chicken or Beef Liver with Vegetables. When you are almost done browning the liver in a small amount of oil in a skillet, add the vegetables. When done, chop everything to proper sizes and serve.

truth about this breed

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