pugPugs – An Introduction To This Cute Little Toy Dog.

Description and General Appearance
Pugs are a small, but stocky toy dog breed. They have a massive head that seems a bit too big for the rest of its body, and a square muzzle that looks like it was pressed on too hard, this gives the Pug their signature adorable looks. Their faces have deep folds of skin, and they also have rather large, dark eyes that protrude a bit. The most preferred dogs have beauty spots or moles on both cheeks, and their tails have a double curl to them. Apricot, black, fawn, and silver are the usual Pug colors available.

Basic Temperament
Pugs have a light and refreshing attitude about them. They are quite animated and affectionate to their human family members, and you can be sure that you will never have another dull moment. The Pug is a highly-intelligent dog breed, and hence they do get bored quite easily.
Being highly sociable they do well with children because they are very playful. It is the kind of dog that wants to be a part of your family.

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Care Required
The Pug, because of its diminutive size is a primarily indoor dog breed, so even if you live in a small home or apartment, even several of them can fit comfortably inside. These dogs are not really keen on weather that is too cold or too hot, which is why basic Pug care includes keeping them indoors most of the time. An air conditioned environment is a good idea.
They also love to eat and have a voracious appetite for their size, so you need to keep a close watch on their diet to prevent them becoming obese which can shorten their life.

Exercise Requirements
Even though the Pug is primarily a lap dog breed, they still need to get some exercise every day. If you cannot take them out for walks every day, then you should try to get them to walk on an electric treadmill so that they can get rid of their excess energy. But try not to overdo it with the Pug exercise regimen because their very small lungs cannot take a lot of punishment. If you notice them start wheezing, then it is probably time for a break. They easily get tired.

Training Tips
Pugs get bored easily, so training them can be quite a challenge. Their training regimen should include a wide variety of activities so that the experience would not seem too monotonous. The great thing about training a Pug is that they can almost read the tone of your voice; so if you give a serious command, they will respond accordingly. However you need to exercise a lot of patience.

Height and Weight
They are quite small, with the male and female Pug rarely getting higher than a foot at the shoulder, and weigh no more than 20 pounds if not overfed. Because of their rather large heads, when a Pug gives birth, it needs to undergo a Cesarean section just so the pups can get out of the womb.

Health and Longevity
Because of the many deep folds of skin, Pugs are highly susceptible to skin irritations and parasites like ticks. So when you give them a bath you should always take a look inside the folds for any signs of skin diseases. They also usually have problems breathing because of their short muzzles, and they are known to often snore while they are sleeping.

Other Pug health issues you need to be aware of are that their large eyes are also prone to weeping, eye inflammations and ulcers in the corneas.

Suitability as a Pet
With their miniscule size and adorable personality, these dogs are one of the very best pets that you can ever have. For most people, their Pug is more than just their pet, because they can actually pick up on human emotions, and therefore they feel more like a best friend.

However you should be aware that this dog sheds a lot and you will always find fur in your house, no matter how often it is cleaned.

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truth about this breed

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